Why Choose STCS?

  • 30 years of working within the extremely disciplined chemical processing industry handling highly hazardous chemicals. The normal expectation is for systems to operate 100% correctly-100% of the time.

  • Extensive experience with the specification, installation, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, start-up, and commissioning of process equipment and controls. First hand appreciation for the importance of the availability of specifications, manuals, preventive maintenance programs, and the proper training of operations and maintenance personnel, to ensure an ongoing high performing facility throughout its life cycle.

  • Full range of disciplines including Energy Management, Sustainable Consultation, Commissioning, and Professional Mechanical Engineering coupled with a strong team of colleagues of Architectural, HVAC/Mechanical, Electrical, and Financial Professionals.

  • Glyn Humphrey is the President of STCS and also provides all of the Commissioning Services, therefore, the client has a sole point of contact on every project when any decision needs to be made.  Whether the decisions are related to technical issues, the schedule, commissioning scope, document submittal timing, or any other commissioning decision, this allows for prompt and accurate response, which eliminates delays for the project team.

  • Since Glyn provides the Commissioning Services, all project receive the technical expertise, professionalism, high quality, productivity, thoroughness, pro-activeness, of a PE, LEED AP, CxA, CEM, and business owner.